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2019 Events

Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.


Dec 6

Queens For Recovery 3

Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center


1122 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, OH

E-mail: [email protected]

What's the link between BDSM—the catchall term for bondage, discipline, domination/ submission, sadism and masochism—and sobriety?

Can you be clean and sober and still engage kinkily? For those who identify as clean and kink-friendly, the answer is a resounding "Yes, please (may I have another?)." The connection is being borne out as supportive communities of like-minded people are springing up around the country.

Pup 101- Damon is a medal holder for Cincinnati pup. He will discuss and demonstrate basic pup play and mindset.

Impact 101- Ms Lyn has facilitated many workshops on kink play. She is a skilled player and has been in the scene for over 15 years.

Mind F******- Ms Marla is a clinical counselor who has learned to use her skills for evil. She will present simple ways to rev up your play.

Electric Play for Everyone: Daddy JW has many years experience with electric play. He will demonstrate entry level play to complex, emphasizing safety and consent.